Xzavier’s World

Xzavier is my hero!

Xzavier’s world is a very different world than the world he came from.  Before a distracted driver ran him over in the confounds of the Lee Elementary crosswalk he could walk.  Now he moves around in a world accessible only by wheelchair.


Click on the link above to read Xzavier’s story.  

Xzavier cannot survive in this world without his respirator and the staff it takes to monitor and maintain that respirator.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo has to live on a respirator because a distracted driver struck him in the confounds of Lee Elementary school four years ago.

Xzavier’s world has less money in it than the world he came from because his mother Valetta Bradford had to quit her managerial position in corporate America to become Xzavier’s full-time caretaker.   No way was her son going to be institutionalized.  Valetta is grateful that Xzavier survived with his mind intact.  He has very severe injuries, but he is still Xzavier and that is the most important thing.

Xzavier’s world is his family.  Without the family, Xzavier would not have the best day he can possibly have each day and that is their number one priority that Xzavier has the best day.

Last year, the wheelchair accessible van for Xzavier finally broke down completely.  Fundraising efforts to replace that second hand van were underwhelming.  As of the time of this writing, Xzavier must depend upon public transportation, a feat arduous for an able bodied person.  A super heroic feat for Xzavier every day.

Xzavier Daivs-Bilbo is an advocate against distracted driving.

Xzavier and his mom Valetta are advocates against distracted driving.  This dynamic duo makes appearances to young and future drivers everywhere and their campaign ‘Don’t text 4 X’ is a message available on-line around your world.

We are trying to promote the ‘Don’t text 4 X’ campaign.  Time is crucial.  Valetta and Xzavier are strong.  They have been on this campaign for over four years now.  Valetta formed The X-Man Foundation, a federally recognized non-profit and is classified as an educational non-profit.  The X-Man Foundation strives to educate drivers to the real consequences of distracted driving with an emphasis on texting.

You have heard this message many times in your world.  Think about the drivers who get to meet Xzavier and Valetta in person.  Their’s is such a powerful presence that after meeting them the odds are in favor of these young drivers becoming better drivers than the ones we have now out there causing collisions because those drivers are playing on a device from behind the wheel.

Meeting Valetta and Xzavier is a powerful moment for those lucky enough to be invited into their world for a brief appearance.   We need drivers to have a profound moment before they get behind the wheel of a car and engage in determined distracted driving.  Those phones are a compelling temptation.  We have an antidote.

Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford doesn’t want what happened to her son to ever happen to another child.

‘Don’t text 4 X’

If you would like to donate to The X-Man Foundation or contact Valetta for an appearance or just to leave an encouraging word, this link will provide several channels to contact Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford.


We are waiting for Facebook to answer our request for a donate button directly from Valetta’s home page.  In the meantime, you can donate to The X-Man Foundation at any Educator’s Credit Union.  God bless.

Carrabba's Cares is a proud sponsor of Xzavier = Survivor = Heroes !!

Volunteers at The X-Man Foundation booth during an Admiral's game.

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4 thoughts on “Xzavier’s World

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    • Thank you Porn Videos.  Such is my goal.  That is why we advocates put in countless hours trying to get the word out, however, the Facebook crowd is apathetic to the cause of stopping distracted driving on account of this prevalent attitude that it only happens to the other guy. 

      Everything could change in a moment of distracted driving.  It did for me and it did for X-Man. 

      The other issue is that all the players in this game are disabled from distracted drivers so there is that. 

      I just do my best everyday.  LL

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